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  • What

    Our vision is to spend a few days relaxing together in paradise celebrating this milestone with our very closests family and friends. Nothing too formal or fancy. Lots of BBQ. Plenty of vegetarian, and gluten free options. And of course the usual meat and bread. :D

    What to wear: Sunscreen! Beyond that choose something casual and comfortable. Aloha shirts are always appropriate in Hawaii.

  • When

    Welcome Dinner Tuesday (6 PM ish?).
    Wedding: Wednesday Mid afternoon (exact time TBD).
    Hanauma Bay: Thursday morning?
    Sunset at Kaimana Thursday evening?

  • Where

    Check in Tuesday 6/4 after 4pm
    Check out Friday June 7 by 10am

    Location: Hauula, Hawaii (Oahu).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we staying?

The physical address will be sent via email to everyone invited and posted in a password protected post for easy mobile reference.  For planning purposes it’s on Kamehameha  Highway between Kokololio Beach Park and Papa Ole’s.  If you can say all of those quickly you get a pineapple. J

What’s nearby?

A supermarket and a few restaurants are roughly across the street.  Polynesian Cultural Center is about five minutes away.  Bigger grocery stores and more fast food options are less than two miles away.

Should I rent a car?

Probably.  We encourage carpooling whenever possible but it’s not a place you’d want to try to get to by bus or cab or even shuttle.

What’s happening Tuesday night?

Check in starts at 4pm and we plan to have a welcome BBQ at the big house shortly thereafter.  I’d expect to start grilling around 5:30 or 6 and eating not too long after that.   This replaces the usual bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinners with something much more fun, and more importantly much more ‘us’.  Come, eat, and get to know everyone. J

When is the ceremony?

Let’s just plan for 2pm on Wednesday June 5 with the caveat that we’re going to see how the light is the day before and might push it back a little.  Certainly no later than 4pm that day.  The good news is we’re all staying together so this last minute shift shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

This will be followed by food and drinks at the big house and if we’re feeling up to it a field trip to watch the sunset at nearby Sunset Beach.

What should I wear to the wedding?  Is there a dress code or color scheme?

No dress code other than find something comfortable that makes you feel pretty or handsome.   Sacha’s dress is teal and black so if you really want guidance for colors and such something from the blue side of the color wheel is a safe bet.

What about shoes?

It’s the beach.  We’re planning to go barefoot and invite you to do the same.

What about the rest of the week? 

Again – comfort is key.  It’s likely to be in the high 70s to mid 80s so casual beach attire is fine.  A pair of slippers (flip flops to those on the mainland) will suffice for the rest of the activities we’re doing.  You’ll only need ‘real’ shoes if you plan to do some hiking or touristy walking on your own.

What’s the schedule for Thursday? (approximate, subject to change)

5:30 – 6:30 AM  Breakfast on the beach with the sunrise (or sleep in a little and eat in the car)

6:30-7:00 Leave for Hanauma Bay

7:45-8 Arrive at Hanauma Bay

8-9 Park, wait for video, watch video, rent gear, walk to the beach

9-11:30ish Snorkeling

11:30  - rental return, shower, walk up the hill (or pay $ to ride) head out around noon

12-5 On your own time – go back to the beach house and take a nap or head into Waikiki for touristy adventures

6:30 gather at Kaimana for sunset (7:14)  picnic dinner? Sandwhiches? Dessert?

7:30 drive back to Hauula

Last night together in paradise

What if I don’t want to get up at 6am? 

That’s fine.  You can sleep in and try to join us later.  Be aware that this is one of the most beautiful places in the world and you have to get there early in the morning because they limit the number of visitors at one time.  Once it’s full you’re turned away until someone leaves.  While you can get in later in the day it’s hard to predict when and harder still to find everyone (cell phones aren’t really good in the water and the park is huge) Also the water isn’t as clear so we think it’s worth the early morning wakeup.  (Sunrise is at 5:49 and we’d like to leave the beach houses between 6:30 and 7 so we can get there by 8am.)


What’s the schedule Friday?

Breakfast at sunrise. Last one, I promise J

7-9 pack, clean, check out by 9:30.  (OK, it’s technically no later than 10 but let’s pretend it’s 930 to avoid a melt down at 9:55)

Head to the airport or the rest of your vacation. J

When will you be in Hawaii?

We fly in on May 30 and out on June 11.

Are you registered somewhere?

We’re registered at  This should make it easier to ship things to us instead of you taking all the way to Hawaii and us bringing it back.   (If you really want to hand us something at our wedding gift cards are easy to pack and always a safe bet – our favorite stores are Amazon, Home Depot, and Costco.)

Can I give a toast?  Yes, of course.  The group is small enough I think it’s safe to open it up to anyone who wants to say something.  Just know we’ve hired an amazing cinematographer so anything awkward or funny can be held against you for the next 30 years. J

Will there be dancing?

Not unless you spike our water with liquor.  And just to clarify that is NOT a suggestion, request, or challenge. J


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