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  • What

    Our vision is to spend a few days relaxing together in paradise celebrating this milestone with our very closests family and friends. Nothing too formal or fancy. Lots of BBQ. Plenty of vegetarian, and gluten free options. And of course the usual meat and bread. :D

    What to wear: Sunscreen! Beyond that choose something casual and comfortable. Aloha shirts are always appropriate in Hawaii.

  • When

    Welcome Dinner Tuesday (6 PM ish?).
    Wedding: Wednesday Mid afternoon (exact time TBD).
    Hanauma Bay: Thursday morning?
    Sunset at Kaimana Thursday evening?

  • Where

    Check in Tuesday 6/4 after 4pm
    Check out Friday June 7 by 10am

    Location: Hauula, Hawaii (Oahu).

Ice Cream???


When we first started dating I had recently purchased a chest freezer.  Having lived with a tiny little freezer compartment that was too small for ice cube trays…I had missed having ice cream in the house and with all the extra cold storage I stocked up.  Without knowing any of that Dave saw the freezer with several containers of ice cream and immediately gave me a hard time.  A reference to love and obsession was born…and even after putting it in context for him the teasing continued.

And then one day I told Dave that I loved him more than ice cream.

And with each passing day it seemed I found a new thing to love him more than.

More than the sun.

More than all the sand on the beach.

More than all the fish at Hanauma Bay.

More than all the lights in Vegas.

More than all the houses for sale in Kirkland.

More than all of the paint colors at Home Depot.

More than my D700.

More than …well you get the idea.

The list is long and more than a few things have been recycled

And he’s loved me more than some pretty amazing stuff, too.  Namely xbox, league of legends, football games, and Curry House.   Oh, and ice cream.

We know it’s a little sappy. And a little silly.  But we also know part of building a happy life with someone is making an effort to make sure they know they are loved and appreciated. Every. Single. Day.



March 22, 2013 - 1:23 pm

Your Cousin Tammy - I LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! no sappy at all.. Just two people who love each other and that’s what marriage is all about. We love you guys. So excited to see you join together on June 5th.

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