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  • What

    Our vision is to spend a few days relaxing together in paradise celebrating this milestone with our very closests family and friends. Nothing too formal or fancy. Lots of BBQ. Plenty of vegetarian, and gluten free options. And of course the usual meat and bread. :D

    What to wear: Sunscreen! Beyond that choose something casual and comfortable. Aloha shirts are always appropriate in Hawaii.

  • When

    Welcome Dinner Tuesday (6 PM ish?).
    Wedding: Wednesday Mid afternoon (exact time TBD).
    Hanauma Bay: Thursday morning?
    Sunset at Kaimana Thursday evening?

  • Where

    Check in Tuesday 6/4 after 4pm
    Check out Friday June 7 by 10am

    Location: Hauula, Hawaii (Oahu).

Oahu Things to Do

If you plan to vacation in Hawaii besides the 3 days for our epic-wedding-party-bonanza, here are some recommendations:

  • Beaches
    • Waikiki (Kaimana)
      • Kaimana is at the far end of Waikiki and is one of our favorite beaches.  It has great sunsets, good snorkeling, and is also good for just relaxing
      • One of the things we are potentially planning to do as a wedding activity (sunset)
    • Kailua/Lanikai
      • Very beautiful beach on the east side of the island, near where I grew up
    • Makapuu/Sandies
      • Scenic beaches on the south east side of the island, not recommended for swimming at unless you’re a very strong swimmer.  I think has good sunrises.
    • Sunset Beach / Waimea bay
      • Beautiful beaches on the north shore
    • Waimanalo
      • Good for boogey boarding on the east side of the island (not very scenario or good for just relaxing)
  • Hanauma bay
    • Great snorkeling at a nature preserve.  Only so many people allowed in per day, and gets very busy, so go early.
    • One of the things we are potentially planning to do as a wedding activity.
  • Scenic areas/views
    • Pali look out
      • On the road from town side to windward (east) side.  Very beautiful very of most of the east side of the island.  Fun on a windy day (winds get funneled through the area)
    • Blow hole
      • South east part of the island.  On days with string waves in the right direction, water gets funneled through lava tubs and sprays up into the air.
    • Tantalus
      • Mountain you can drive up for great biew of Honolulu.  Into shot of original Hawii 5-0 was from there I believe.
  • Hiking – Manoa, Diamond Head, Lighthouse
    • Varying levels of difficulty.  Most have good views. If you do Diamond head, go early in the morning as it gets hot.
  • Nature/Gardens
    • Hoomaluhia
      • Beautiful botanical gardens, very sprawling trails to walk along.  Bring bug spray, and don’t go in any water (even puddles)
    • There’s some gardnes in kokohead crater (?) that Sacha went to, ask her for more info
    • I think there’s a botanical gardens out on the south west side of the island (ask my Mom for more info)
    • I think there are some Japanese gardens (not sure where)
  • Animal stuff
    • Zoo
      • In Waikiki, good zoo, but I don’t think there’s anything too special about it compared to others
    • Aquarium
      • In Waikiki, fairly small, but nice
    • Sea Life Park
      • South west side of island, sort of a zoo / Disneyland – they have shows performed by dolphins, etc.  Fairly expensive.  It was awesome when I was a kid, but I haven’t gona back in a long time because of price.
  • Museums
    • Pearl Harbor (Arizona memorial, Pacific Aviation museum (Dad tours?), Mighty Mo (battleship))
      • Historical monuments and museums.  If you’re interesting in going, my dad gives flights of the air museum, let us know in advance if you want to setup a time for you all to go do that.  He also knows what days and times are likely to have the least waiting if you want to go to the Arizona Memorial itself.
    • Bishop Museum
      • Great place to learn about Hawaiian history
    • Iolani palace
      • Can you do tours there?
  • Polynesian Cultural Center
    • Very close to the cheach house we are staying out.  Sory of like Disneyland meets arts and crafts of the pacific.  Good place to see hula, also.  They have a luau, but I’m not sure how good it is.
    • Potentially something to do for people who are staying up on the north shore on Monday.
  • Surfing / outrigger canoe padding / kayaking Lessons
    • They are there if you want to learn how to surf, or experience catching a wave in a canoe, or going kayaking.  Very prevalent in Waikiki.  Summer is bigger waves in Waikiki, which makes it slightly more intimidating, but easier to catch a wave.
  • North Shore (Haleiwa, Heiiau, beaches)
    • Very rural ‘old Hawai’ area.  Beautiful beaches, small tons to see thing at. There’s ruins of a Heiiau (ancient Hawaiian Temple, basically just parts of old rocks walls) to go see.  Great shave ice (Matsumoto’s) and great shrimp (Giovanni’s ?)
  • Dole plantation
    • Fun place to get good pineapple and learn more about pineapple plantations. It’s in the middle of the island, on the way between downtown and north shore.  Get the ‘dole whip’.  There’s a nice gift store (good place to get things to take back), a narrated little train ride, a garden, and a maze.
  • Waikiki
    • Tourist area.  Kaimana beach is at the far end.  Lots of shopping (check out the international marketplace), and some street performers at night.  Lots of bars.
    • You can get mai tais at the Moana hotel.
    • You can take sunset booze cruises from there.

An important category of ‘stuff to do in Hawaii’ that deserves it’s own list is: Eat Delicious Local Food.  Hawaii has a unique culture that takes elements from all the areas that people have come from (Ancient Hawaii and other Pacific islands, Asia, the US, England, Portugal), and local food reflects that.  If there’s one thing that I recommend in particular (this is Dave speaking; Sacha would vehemently disagree), it’s plate lunch: entree, rice, and mac salad.  My personal favorite is chicken katsu curry.  Here’s a list of some restaurants/foods that you might be interested in:

  • * L&L Restaurant / plate-lunch
  • * Curry House Restaurant
  • * Shave Ice (best are Matsumoto’s on the north shore, or Waiola’s near downtown honolulu/waikiki)
  • * Chocolate Haupia Pie
  • * Malasadas (Leaonard’s near Waikiki)
  • Shrimp shack (Giovanni’s, North Shore)
  • Pineapple
  • Zippy’s (restaurant) chilli
  • McDonalds (there’s a very decorated one on the North Shore)
  • Portuguese sausage
  • beard papas
  • mochi
  • andagi
  • dim sum
  • fruit punch
  • * spam musubi
  • willow’s … lunch buffet
  • black sugar moon cake
  • Tiki’s bar and grill (Waikiki) (Sacha and I have tradition of going there on her birthday and getting a drink in a souvenier mug, but it’s going down hill)
  • teddy’s bigger burgers
  • boston north end pizza restraurant
  • chinese food
  • pork adobo
  • lumpia
  • Graces Restraurant (The one I always went to closed down recently)
  • Jimbos restaurant (katsu curry)
  • Rainbows drive-in (slush float)
  • Liliha bakery
  • genki sushi restaurant

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