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  • What

    Our vision is to spend a few days relaxing together in paradise celebrating this milestone with our very closests family and friends. Nothing too formal or fancy. Lots of BBQ. Plenty of vegetarian, and gluten free options. And of course the usual meat and bread. :D

    What to wear: Sunscreen! Beyond that choose something casual and comfortable. Aloha shirts are always appropriate in Hawaii.

  • When

    Welcome Dinner Tuesday (6 PM ish?).
    Wedding: Wednesday Mid afternoon (exact time TBD).
    Hanauma Bay: Thursday morning?
    Sunset at Kaimana Thursday evening?

  • Where

    Check in Tuesday 6/4 after 4pm
    Check out Friday June 7 by 10am

    Location: Hauula, Hawaii (Oahu).

Travel Tips

If you’re looking for ideas on things to do while visiting Oahu Dave has posted his monster list with suggestions and commentary on the Play with Us Page.

You’ll be flying into Honolulu International Airport on the island of Oahu.  While it’s a domestic flight for most of you it’s still recommended you get to the airport a full two hours before the flight as if you were flying internationally.

From Seattle you’ll probably fly out of SeaTac…but you can get some crazy cheap flights out of Bellingham – especially from Allegiant air.

We’ve created a Wedding Wings account with Hawaiian Airlines.  If you are flying with them you can use the code  WED00000591B to save 5% off your airfare.  You must book by May 22 and travel between May 22 and June 19 to receive this discount.  Unfortunately it’s not retroactive if you’ve already purchased your flights.:(

I also recommend searching via  - their farecast will tell you if the cost of your flights are expected to go up or down and if you should buy or wait a while.  While it’s still a bit of a mystery and nothing is guaranteed I have used this to get some great flight prices over the last few years.

Another useful tool is which lets you search with flexible dates better than most other sites I’ve found – it also includes airlines most other sites do not.

Also it’s worth noting that Kayak did some research and reported that the best time to book flights is actually 21 days before your trip.  Of course another study by a different group suggested six weeks was the best time…so I’m sure some of it comes down to random luck.   You can read more here:
A lot of people think airfare goes up for the weekend and you’ll pay less if you wait until Tuesday/Wednesday to book your flights….I’ve certainly seen it go up on the weekends and come back down again but it’s certainly not a guarantee.
Oh and don’t get excited if you see something that says your flight will have in flight wifi. It won’t.  It doesn’t work over water.:(
Because the beach houses are in a remote area  we recommend renting a car and/or carpooling.

Car rentals are another area where waiting  can save money.

Check with the car rental companies’ websites as well as sites like hotwire/priceline.  I’ve noticed picking up the same day can be less than the next day quite a few times and a few days out less than a few weeks or months away.  Also altering the time of day you pick the car up/drop it off can make a big mysterious difference.   I always get the smallest car I can and they always try to upsell me to spend more on a nicer car once I get there.  I decline.  And most of the time they offer me the bigger/nicer car for ‘free’ anyway.

Also check with your credit card company to see about car rental insurance and other perks.  Most of the time you can actually decline their coverage – but like anything else you have to decide what makes the most sense for you personally and not do it just because I do.:)

In Hauula that average low temperature is 66F and the average high is 81F. Way better than Juneuary, huh?

WARNING: If you arrive prior to the wedding (or are considering doing so), please be aware that there will be box jellyfish at several beaches on the island in the days prior to the wedding.  Their sting can cause a serious reaction, so please don’t swim at affected beaches during that time.  The dates of the jellyfish can be predicted because they follow a lunar cycle.  Please see this website for additional information:

WARNING: Hawaii is a sunny place and we’d really like you to enjoy our wedding in ways that won’t be possible if you get an epic sunburn the day before.   Make sure to use sunscreen if you go out during the day and  avoid going to the beach between 11 AM and 1PM.

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